Website in a Week


Do you need a new site fast, on a budget?
Is your current site so old or embarrassing you just can't stand it any longer?
Don't have weeks or months to spend developing a new site?

Ready for a professional looking site - NOW - that communicates your story
and attracts the clients you want to work with?

Website in a Week is a streamlined, accelerated version of my regular design and development process. It’s for the busy entrepreneur who needs an attractive, professional website now!

The goal of Website in a Week is to hit the sweet spot where you get a great looking site at a reasonable price quickly.  (We may approach awesome, but I can't guarantee it.)

Together we'll create a website you'll be thrilled to point your potential clients to. One that sends a clear message about you and your products or services. One that connects you to people who are genuinely interested in working with you, and also delivers a compelling call-to-action to those people.  One that supports the flourishing of your business.

And we'll do it in a week!

  • Day 1 : Laying the Foundations

    We’ll have a long conversation about many things, including you and your business, your vision, and your goals. I’ll give you some homework to help you get clarity in these some other key areas. I’ll also help you focus in on what’s most important to include in your simple, streamlined website.

  • Day 2 : Creating the Look and Feel

    We’ll work on the visual aspect of your website – identifying the right layout, colors, fonts, and images for you.

  • Day 3 : Crafting Your Message & Offer

    We'll use your homework from Day 1 to help you craft a clear and compelling offer, one that's aimed specifically at the audience you want to reach.

  • Day 4 : Reviewing the Look and Feel

    Just like it sounds. We’ll review the visual look-and-feel of your website site, making sure it aligns with you and your business, and reflects your vision for your web presence.

  • Day 5 : Putting It All Together

    Content gets inserted into the site, and I make sure that it all flows together in clear action sequences. Your email marketing service will be integrated into to the site so you can start building your list. (If you don't have one, I'll get you started with that, too.)

  • Day 6 : Refining the Details

    We’ll take another look at your almost-complete website and make any necessary final (for now) revisions.

  • Day 7 : Launch Day

    By the end of Day 7, your new website will be ready to go live!

Website in a Week is great for you if...

  • You don't have a website, or you're unhappy with your existing website.
  • You have a reasonably clear sense of what you’re offering in your business, and who your ideal clients are.
  • You need a professional looking website done quickly and economically.
  • You’d value receiving some basic coaching to help you get started with marketing your web presence.
  • You like my sense of design.

Website in a Week isn't a fit if...

  • You need extensive branding work.  We’ll create an attractive website using stock images and your own photos, along with the colors and fonts that best express your story.  But a full visual brand is beyond the scope of this offer.
  • You need a highly customized site.  You have complex offers and work with several audiences, or you need to deliver coursework or other complex content – such as a gallery or searchable databases. I can do that for you, but not in a week and not for this price.
  • You need a shopping cart, membership site, or other sophisticated selling options.   Creating an effective and satisfying online shopping or membership experience takes planning and effort.  Again, I can do that for you, but not in a week and not for this price.
  • If you need any of the above, or you're not sure if this deal is for you, contact me and I'll give you a free short consultation to discuss your needs.

What you'll get

  • A foundational website that’s both attractive and professional, built using WordPress and tailored just for you. A site you’ll be able to build from as your business grows.
  • Help clarifying your message and your offer, and creating a compelling call to action that helps you build your list and attract clients.
  • Instruction in how to update your site, so you can manage your content on your own and not have to pay, or wait, every time you want to change something on your site.
  • Advice on the next steps you need to take in growing and managing your online presence.

What I'll need from you

Your commitment to an intense but fun week, and the goal of getting your site up and running in seven days.  You can expect to spend a couple of hours a day working with me to create your site and its content.

I'll ask that you trust my experience and expertise, my design sense, and let me be your coach and your guide as we co-create your new website.

Your Investment

The investment for Website in a Week is $2500.  The price doesn't include things like domain names, hosting, legal stock photos and other graphics, third-party software licenses, or the exceptions noted above.

Think how great it will feel to have your website up and running in a week so you can move on to other things, knowing you have a great start on a solid web presence.

Get Started Now

Contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation on whether Website in a Week works for both of us.

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PS: I also rescue and repair websites and web projects. If you've been abandoned by your web designer, or they aren't showing up on time and getting things done when they say they will, maybe it's time for a change. Contact me and let me help you get moving forward again!