Your website represents you, your brand, your business. It needs to artfully present your business and its services in a clear and compelling way that speaks directly to your ideal clients.

Good web design integrates skillful presentation with strategic intention,
activating the living heart of your internet presence.

DiamondHeart Studio is here to help you create and manage that presence
through creative web design and effective internet marketing.

Recent Projects

The name DiamondHeart has its roots in the paired concepts of wisdom and passion. Diamond symbolizes wisdom, and the clarity of insight that comes from knowledge and experience. Heart has long been the symbol of both passion and compassion. Passion drives us, and compassion keeps us in right relationship with each other. Insight and passion need each other. Insight without passion can be too impersonal, and lacking in vitality. Passion without insight can be unfocused and unstructured. Together, they give you wings.

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