Creative Internet Presence for Solopreneurs
and Small Businesses

Your website is a crucial part of your internet presence.

It represents you, your brand, your business – both as you are now, and the vision you’re growing into. It needs to artfully tell the story of your business, in a clear and compelling way that speaks directly to your ideal clients. And it needs to fully support your sales and marketing efforts across a range of devices.

The internet is a web of relationships, and being present to that web means more than just having a website. It means being active in your networks of friends, customers, and potential clients. It means contributing to that web in some way – through products, content, services, or other forms of value – so that you receive value in return. This reciprocity is at the center of all positive human relations.

Let’s make your website the productive heart of your online world.

Hi! I’m Munro.  I’ve been building web sites since 1999. I have a background in art & design, and years of sales and marketing experience in a wide variety of settings. I’ve been an entrepreneur for three decades, and plan on being an entrepreneur for many more years.

I understand the challenges and opportunities of being in business for yourself – and of wanting more from your business than just making a living.

At DiamondHeart Studio, my goal is to understand every aspect of your business, from your vision and goals to your marketing strategy, so that I can partner with you to tell your story on the web in a clear and compelling way. I’ll  work with you to make all the pieces of your online presence fit & flow together so you can attain the outcomes you desire.

I’m here to help you grow the vibrant, thriving internet presence you need to be wildly successful. Although not an exhaustive list, below are some of the key components that are my specialties:

Have you been abandoned by your web designer?  I also rescue and repair websites!

Creative WordPress Sites

WordPress is the premiere content delivery platform on the web.
Fast, flexible, and infinitely customizable to meet your present and future needs.

Responsive Designs

Reach your audience on any connected device anywhere. From smartphones to tablets to laptops, make it easy for them to access you from wherever they are.

Social Media Marketing

Learn to navigate this essential part of your marketing efforts in today’s online world, using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms.

Email Marketing

Integrate your website with your email system (AWeber, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, and more). Build your email list with a compelling opt-in.

Content Marketing

SEO is no longer enough in today’s online world. Deliver outstanding content that speaks directly to the interests of your audience.

Ecommerce Capability

Monetize your web presence
with your products, courses, subscriptions, downloads, memberships, and much more.

These are just some of the components to a successful online presence.   Some may apply to you and your business, some may not.   Some you may need now, and some you’ll grow into.   Other key components are branding and copywriting.   I can help with those, too.

The name DiamondHeart has its roots in the paired concepts of wisdom and passion. Diamond symbolizes wisdom, and the clarity of insight that comes from knowledge and experience. Heart has long been the symbol of both passion and compassion. Passion drives us, and compassion keeps us in right relationship with each other. Insight and passion need each other. Insight without passion can be too impersonal, and lacking in vitality. Passion without insight can be unfocused and unstructured. Together, they give you wings.

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shufordMunro is by far the most professional and talented web designer I have worked with over the years. Not only is he an absolute expert in terms of the technical aspects of web design, but he also has an incredible design sensibility that sets him apart. Plus, his work ethics are second to none, always happily going above & beyond what’s asked. Although we were in different states, his responsiveness via e-mail and/or telephone was impeccable. I would hire (and plan to hire) Munro again in a heartbeat – for projects both small & large. He is a true pro – not to mention a wonderfully nice guy as well.

Nancy Shuford
President, NJS Consulting, Inc.